Tibetans not safe inside as well as outside TIBET?

Here comes one of the most pathetic moments for Tibetans in the whole history. Though India has been the safest and the most reliable escape destination from the brutal invasion expedited by the Chinese over Tibetan region since 1959, some sense of insecurity has been stricken among the Tibetans dwelling in the southern region of India recently.

It has been crystal clear throughout the world about the severe condition of Tibetan lives inside Tibet after the forceful annexation by the Chinese army. The most recent cases of continuous occurrence of self immolation by the Tibetans inside Tibet has the undeniable evidence of pain and loss the fellow citizens are undergoing inside of Tibet. The policies of human genocide and exploitation of the natural resources inside Tibet by the Chinese government has imposed such a hardship in the lives of those inside Tibet that they have been enforced to cope up with a different way of life according the plans and benefits of the foreign rule! The culture, the language, practices of common people Tibetans that had been passed from generations have been on the stake and to a very great extend vulnerable to the extinction inside one’s own country.

Though there have been continuous rebel against the imposition of such a foreign rule and its policies, they have lost the fight in front of the giant economy and its influence around the world. The chain of self immolation protests against them have till now been only a good appeal to the media world and have not resulted in any consolidated official support from any government so far!  Any act of disobey against the policies of the conqueror have been violently smashed with weapons despite any sort of peaceful protests and pleas. Take for instance the most recent demonstration by around 500Tibetans in Rebkong region after the reports of two self immolation protests in Ngaba. Though the whole procession was totally non-violent without any arms, they were responded with heavily armed personnel, those arrested were brutally beaten up to interrogate and so on!

Due to such severe conditions in Tibet itself, thousands of Tibetans have taken shelter outside Tibet seeking political asylum primarily in India. Though the Tibetans have been greatly cared by the Indians till now as their own citizens, Tibetans have for the first time felt little unsafe in India following the clashes in Myanmar between the Buddhists and the Muslims and in Assam between the Bodos tribe and the Muslim refugees.

However, we have been grateful to India and we believe in the secular state of India. Therefore, we are sure that India will continue its assured support and security for us Tibetans.

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