Tibetans Refugees Escaping to India Count Almost Diminishing

The number of Tibetans refugees escaping to India from the Chinese regime in Tibet is almost diminishing. The fresh reports suggest that there is a 97% drop in the number of Tibetans arriving in India to seek refugee from Chinese regime in Tibet in the past year, 2017.

According to the report published by Times of India on Thursday, the Central Tibetan Administration, the apex administrative of the Tibetans in exile has witnessed the lowest number of Tibetans arriving in India in the past year. The report said that only 80 Tibetans arrived in India from Tibet last year.

The number of Tibetans arriving in India started reducing since 2008 when Beijing hosted the Oympic games. Tibetans demonstrated extensively across Tibet in that year leading to a continued series of Tibetans resorting to self immolation. But number significantly reduced after 2012 when the global pressure increased with more Tibetans resorting to self immolation China strictly restricted Tibetans travel not only out Tibet but within the region as well.

“Tibetans are restricted to visit the capital city Lhasa in Tibet. Chinese authorities have taken the passports of many residents living in border areas of Tibet after 2012. Due to restrictions, only 80 Tibetans have arrived in 2017” Mr. Karma Rinchen, the secretary of security department, CTA, spoke in the report.

The average number was around 3000 of Tibetans coming to India before 2008. The escape route for the Tibetans is crossing the border into Nepal by foot and seeking help from the Tibetan Reception Center there which eventually guides them to seek refuge in India.

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