Tibetans Warned of Dangerous Immigration Rackets

While the Tibetan refugee community is a struggle for identity and opportunity to seek a decent livelihood, migrating to the more developed countries like US, Canada and Europe came as answers. However, Tibetans have been on many occasion got trapped in the network of dangerous immigration rackets and the Tibetan administration has also warned against the prevailing crimes.

Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala which functions as the Tibetan government in Exile has a Department of Home that looks after the welfare of the Tibetan refugees in various Tibetan settlements. The department is reported to have directed their settlement offices to caution Tibetans in their locality of such prevailing fraudsters.

According to a notice issued in the interest of general public by the settlement office in Dharamshala, Department of Home, CTA, in the light of a recent incident where four Tibetan youths were scammed of huge amount of money in an immigration racket in the city of Guwahati, Assam. Tibetans in the locality have been cautioned to be aware of such prevailing immigration rackets. It added that in addition to looting the Tibetan youths of huge amount of money, they were severely beaten before they managed to escape and return to their home.

A picture of the notice issued by Settlement Officer
A picture of the notice issued by Settlement Officer

Young Tibetans are facing a crisis of livelihood options while living in these refugee camps located in remote parts of India. It is a very common aspiration to migrate to western countries like the US and Canada and this aspiration is being exploited by certain fraudsters by fooling these youths into their immigration rackets. Therefore the cautionary circular comes to make Tibetan refugees aware of such fraudsters.

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One thought on “Tibetans Warned of Dangerous Immigration Rackets

  • March 8, 2018 at 5:20 am

    Dear editor,
    You have written that 4 youngsters from Tezu have been scammed of huge amount and that it was written in the circular issued by tso dharamsala. I read the content of it but there is no mention of TEZU in it. So how come you publish a wrong news. Do you know where this thing came from in the first place? It was reported so in tso Delhi by some youth who claimed to have been cheated by “don’t know who”. This was then reported to nangsi for further knowledge to other settlements. I am from tezu and no one in tezu have been involved in it. And by the way Tezu is in Arunachal Pradesh and not in Assam. Looks like u involved Tezu just by Seeing Assam in it. This case was reported. Have u tried to contact the Delhi tso or the persons cheated for that matter? Did u even read well the tso dhasa circular or you just published for the sake of some eye catching news.? Plsss make the necessary changes.


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