To Relieve Water Crisis, Trains Carrying Water Set for Chennai

In the southern part of India, Chennai, one of the worst drought situations has hit the region and millions of people there. While the state government is being blamed for not doing enough, it has initiated bringing trains carrying water into the city. Even with the onset of Monoon, the water crisis is yet to recede.

According to the NDTV report, the first 50 wagon train carrying water for Chennai has set from Jolarpet railway station from Vellore district of Tamil Nadu today. A second train is also set to follow up with more water.

“The first 50-wagon train carrying water to Chennai left for the parched city this morning from Jolarpet railway station carrying 2.5 million litres of water. A second train will also carry more water to the city. The Chennai Metro Water has set a target of ferrying 10 million litres a day.” said the report in the NDTV news.

However the report added that the water supply by train would not increase supply to Chennai. It will only ease the pressure on the state government to ensure a minimum supply of 525 million litres to residents against the requirement of 830 million litres a day. The railway officials are planning to increase movement capacity of trains according to available slots.

While the administrative officials’ effort of deploying 900 water tankers for street supply has failed to bring much benefit. Insufficient rain during the previous monsoon is being explained as the cause of this unprecedented water crisis. Chennai is one of the 21 Indian cities that the government think tank NITI Aayog has said would run out of water by 2021.

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