TYC Stands Firm To Seek Complete Independence For Tibet

Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest non-governmental Tibetan organization in exile concluded their 16th General Body Meeting in Dharamshala today. This meeting was holding a decision making responsibility of whether the TYC’s stand on Tibetan struggle be changed to Middle Way Policy from their original stand of seeking complete independence for Tibet since their inception and with the majority, the TYC is set to stand firm to its original stand.

During this six day meeting of the body members of the Tibetan Youth Congress, special focus has been laid upon bringing about amendments to their rules and regulations with special importance towards making changes to their first and fourth points of their aims and objectives.

The first point; To dedicate oneself to the task of serving one’s country and people under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Spiritual and Temporal Ruler of Tibet and the fourth point; To struggle for the total independence of Tibet even at the cost of one’s life became controversial during earlier GBMs as the two points contradicted following the change in His Holiness’s stand for Tibet Middle Way Approach with overwhelming majority Tibetans agreement.

“The two much debated core rules which were deemed contradictory by some remain unchanged after the voting. Of the four core objectives/tasks that bind any member or chapter, the first calls for “serving one’s country and people under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama” received the house majority (54 votes out of 140) while the fourth which seeks “total independence for Tibet,” received 45 votes which proved sufficient against the 39 that wanted amendment in the rule. Both the rules were not amended.” said the report in phayul.

Executive members of the centrex were also elected during this meeting and the President; Jigme, Vice President; Tamdin and the Secretary; Tashi, all of them retained their posts for a second term with four new members into the ten team centrex member.

The 16th GBM of Tibetan Youth Congress this year that began on 29th August was attend by around 140 members representing over 40 regional chapters across the world.

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