UP Dalit Couple Axed To Death For Rs. 15 Debt

A Dalit couple in UP, India has been hacked to brutal death by an allegedly upper caste man to whom the couple owed to pay a debt of Rs. 15. The couple were encountered on their way to the work at a paddy transplantation yesterday early morning and the attacked took place after the couple could not repay the amount demanded by the lender.

“According to the police, a few days ago, Bharat Singh, a labourer, had bought some eatables from a shop and had promised to make the payment later. The shop owner, Ashok Kumar, had been pressurising Singh to clear the dues. ” reported the DH.

Bharat Singh (48) and his wife Mamta (45) were encountered by Ashok Kumar on their way to work early morning yesterday morning and demanded for Rs.15, Singh told him that he did not have the money. However, despite promising to clear the dues soon, infuriated Kumar took out an axe and attacked Singh several times. When Singh’s wife Mamata Devi came to his rescue, she was attacked too.

The police said the accused Ashok Kumar who ran a grocery store has been arrested. Ashok Kumar according to reports, demanded for the money so that he could buy his daily dose of intoxicant.

The couple succumbed to the injuries and died before they could be taken to hospital. The bodies have been sent for postmortem examinations.

The Akhilesh Yadav government promised for a speedy justice.

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