US City Officially Proclaim March 10, 2018 as ‘Tibet Day’

In a wonderful outcome of effective lobbying for Tibet by the representatives of Tibetan Association of Northern California, City of Albany has officially proclaimed that March 10, 2018 be recognized as ‘Tibet Day’. The proclamation was issued on March 5, 2018 according to the Tibetan Association’s social media update.

The proclamation signed by Mayor Peggy McQuaid in honor of the 59th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising, while expressing concerns of severe repression of Tibetans’ unique religious, cultural and linguistic heritages, it proclaims of carrying on the United States long history of support to the Tibetan people.

“The Albany City Council affirms the determination of the Tibetan people in Tibet and outside, including the Tibetan Americans to retain their heritage. Now, therefore be it proclaimed by the Albany City Council that March 10, 2018, the 59th anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising, shall be officially recognized as “Tibet Day” read the proclamation signed on Monday.

Picture of the Official Promclamtion Scroll
Picture of the Official Promclamtion Scroll

While the official social media page of the Tibetan Association of Northern California did not reply immediately to our query of what it means of the official proclamation from the City Council, the council called for the Californians, including Tibetan Americans, residing in Albany and surrounding regions to gather to commemorate the 59th anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising, the official scroll also read that the City of Albany stands in solidarity with the Tibetan people and their just, peaceful and non-violent movement.

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