US Congressional Committee Continues Tibet Aid, Approves USD 17 Million

US congressional committees approves $17 million aid to the Tibet issue. Two key congressional committees have approved to provide a $17 million Tibet aid to help the Tibetan administration in exile to preserve and propagate its culture, develop the livelihoods of the Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal according to the fresh reports.

“Two key Congressional committees have approved at least USD 17 million to assist the Tibetan government in exile preserve its culture, help its refugees and develop institutions to promote its growth.” said the report in The Hindu.

The provisions form part of the state department’s 2018 annual budget passed by the appropriations committees of both the House of Representatives and the Senate last week. It is at the same level as that of the 2017.

In the context of proper break down of the appropriations bill, $8 Mn goes to support activities that preserve cultural traditions and promote sustainable development and environmental conservation in Tibetan communities in Tibetan Autonomous Region and in other Tibetan autonomous areas in China.

Recognizing the developments made by the Tibetan administrations in South Asia by setting up a democratic system to ensure proper managements of its institutions, the committee made a provision of $3 million provision to strengthen the capacity of Tibetan institutions and governance. The provision included $6 million to continue to support Tibetan communities in India and Nepal in the areas of education, skills development, and entrepreneurship.

“In addition to USD 15 million for Tibetan issues, the appropriations bill supported continuation of the Tibetan service of Voice of America and Radio Free Asia. It approved USD 42 million for Radio Free Asia, a substantial part of which would go to its Tibetan service.” added the report.

The committee has also recommended $1 Million to the office of Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues. The report added that the bill has also asked the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to instruct executive director of each international financial institution to use the voice and vote to support financing of projects in Tibet.

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