US Pathologist Shares Hearing Aids to Tibetan Refugees

A Pathologist from Nevada, United States has turned a boon to many elderly Tibetan refugees by sharing hearing aids over the past several years. The pathologist believes that Tibetans have mastered the ‘mind science’ approach after she had the opportunity to briefly study Tibetan Buddhism.

Cindy Shaw is a pathologist from Nevada who visited the head quarter of Tibetan exile, McLeod Ganj in India back in 2014. She had the opportunity to take a three month sabbatical to study Tibetan Buddhism, Sanskrit and the culture’s ancient study of the mind and how it intersects with modern scientific discovery, at the home of Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

“For 23 years I’ve worked with neurologic patients — such as those with brain injuries, those who’ve suffered a stroke or developed a brain tumor,” said Shaw according to a report in The Union. “I was fascinated by the Tibetan holistic approach to ‘mind science.’ They have become masters. I believe their ability to understand the mind-heart connection and how it works is way beyond what neuroscience can measure. I knew my studies there would complement my professional knowledge.”

During her first visit when she donated two amplification devices to a nun and a doctor, seeing the impact brought to the nun’s life and her appreciation inspired her to further support the Tibetan refugees. She brought more and more such hearing aids from US during her subsequent visits and this week too she has arrived in the Tibetan refugee center in India with as much devices she has been able to collect from her town.

“You can imagine what it means for an elderly refugee to be able to hear the Dalai Lama speak after years of muffled sounds. If you can’t read, hearing is your only way to connect. A hearing aid means you’re once again connected to the world and spiritual teachings.” Cindy Shaw who is also a long time member of the Sierra Friends of Tibet added according to the report.

Photo: Cindy with a local Tibetan doctor

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