Veteran Tibetan Singer Dubey Dies In Hospital

Veteran Tibetan Artist Dubey who is also known by the title of ‘Blue Cuckoo’ for his melodious serenading voice as a singer has succumbed to a liver problem after prolonged treatment at a hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan.

The legendary Tibetan singer from the 80s era has been hospitalized from many weeks back over a liver problem which led to his death today around 10:30 in the night at the hospital. It is reportedly said that his family and near ones have asked for his body to be taken to Nyima Lhadang Monastery for the last rites.

Dubey is one of the most well known singers from his era and he is especially known for his innovative introduction of Mandolin in Tibetan music industry.

Over the spread of the news about Dubey’s hospitalization, Tibetans from all works of life from across the world spelled out their concerns and prayers on the social network. Musicians in Tibet as wells as common people from across the world contributed to support for the cost of his treatment at the hospital in Tibet.

His most famous songs include ‘Faraway Friend’ which is a tribut to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in exile.
The news of his demise has filled a guilt of great loss in the hearts of most Tibetans as his melodious songs are connected with the Tibetans as a part of their motherland especially for the Tibetans who have fled Tibet to exile.

Today Tibetans are also resorting to the social network to pour out their prayers and sadness over the loss of a Tibetan legend. Tibetan Journal also mourns the loss and prays for his next life.

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