Watch Out New Music Video From Tenzin Donsel

Watch out for the new music video from one of the famous Tibetan singers, Tenzin Donsel. The new music video from the Tibetan singer is a culturally rich, pleasant to watch. The music video titled Cholsum Droshey celebrates the resources of gems of the three provinces constituting Tibet.

Cholsum Droshey is from her second album and as she posted on her Facebook page appeals to all age groups and for all occasions.

“I have worked extremely hard for this video song with the aim of making it suitable to be performed by every age level on any celebratory occasion. Please enjoy!” read the post on her social media. Enjoy the amazing music video below!

Tenzin Donsel is a New York based Tibetan singer who released her first album, ‘Bhoe Kyi Bhumo’ in 2015 which became an instant hit with her music videos garnering almost a million views within a year. Donsel believes her interest in music was fostered during her nineteen years as a member at the Dharamsala based Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, where she participated in over 19 Tibetan Opera performances, and was the lead singer and actor in many movies and shows.

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