We Are On Your Side, Will Never be Silent: EU Delegation to Tibetans

The European Union parliamentary delegation consisting of three MEPs have visited the head quarter of the Tibetan exile, i.e., Dharamshala and they affirmed during a public gathering also attended by the head of the Central Tibetan Administration including the president himself that they are on Tibetans’ side and they will never be silent to show their solidarity.

“We have also condemned the Chinese terrorist laws which legalises violation of rights by government forces against so-called potential terrorist. The European Parliament had a big majority in this case. We want to show our European solidarity to make it clear for your rights, language, culture and fair dealings. We are on your side, and we will never be silent”. One of the delegates, Thomas Mann, member of  the European Parliament from Germany, Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) told the gathering on Monday.

The other two delegates, MEP Csaba Sogor and MEP Ramon Tremosa also explained that China’s law discriminates against the minorities however suggested that there may come a drastic political change in Beijing itself or outside Beijing for which the Tibetans should always be prepared.

While the visit from the EU delegation was facilitated by Representative Tashi Phuntsok, Office of Tibet, Brussel, President of CTA, Dr. Lobsang Sangay also spoke at the gathering wherein he expressed the gratitude to the European Parliament for passing most resolutions on Tibet and urged to continue passing more of such.

“Your presence here means a lot. We are sending a message of hope to Tibetans inside Tibet. Tibet is under occupation, Tibetans are repressed, they are suffering and in prison and 152 Tibetans have committed self-immolation. They are hoping that someone will speak for them and stand for them. The fact that you flew from Europe to Dharamshala means a lot. It is a powerful message, a message of hope, justice, freedom and liberty,” said Dr Sangay according to the official report of CTA.

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