Weird History for the world in neglecting TIBET

Today a history is about to be written in a totally weird manner in this world. Innocence can not be held responsible with all these great propagandas and mediocracies. Though the fellow mates of this world in Tibet are blowing away their lives in order to highlight the atrocities and human genocide carried out in a peaceful country still colonised by the greatest economy of the world! For this weird turn of history, the whole generation of human race existing in this era will be held responsible because of their indifference, selfishness and greed because you can not imagine a fire without heat!

Who else would be mad enough to burn their body alive than the Tibetans who do it not in madness but for a greater cause of its countryman! 

The report of Tibetans going for self immolation is ceaseless so is the pain they are going through. If the whole world is ready to pass out this crisis, this would  be the blunder of the century. Which in turn will inspire the aspiring communists, dictators as well as the terror groups. Hence a century is welcoming a foreseen tragedy! Besides, it is the first time in the whole history of the world where such chain of self immolation is taking place!

Everywhere else in the world, the olympics is the attraction of every conscience at the moment. It was four years before during the same olympics held in Beijing that attracted controversies including the Tibet issue. However, it remains the same issue yet again with another olympics coming out in play. Whether we call this fate or anything, some part of the world, like Tibet is still suffering under the rule of a colonialist brutally while others are relishing the air of freedom.

Who would not be interested any sort of name and fame by representing their country at an international stage? Same as everyone else is taking part in the olympics with immense pride and honour to raise the name and the honour of their fellow countrymen, the Tibetans are meeting the same purpose though in a more fed-up manner by burning themselves alive!

Do they not have the desire to live as any human would do? Obviously they do! But when the privileges of decent life is no longer an option, they collect the strength to endure the of one burning alive to raise the issue for the cause of greater good. The most recent practice of Tibetan self immolation include monk Lobsang Tsultrim of Kirti Monastry in Ngaba and Dolkar, a young nun from Tsoe monastry in eastern Tibet! With lost Dolkar’s life on 7th August, the death toll of Tibetans from self immolation reaches to a wooing 37! 

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