Why Chinese Can Never Fully Populate Tibet

In a very interesting article by Susanna Pilny for RedOrbit, she has share her scientific findings of why Chinese may never be able to fully populate Tibet. Since the invasion of Tibet by China in 1951, around 7 million Han Chinese have immigrated into Tibet and it is said have found according to the article that the Chinese are finding it hard to reproduce at altitudes of Tibetan plateau.

The article has quoted about the findings of Dr. Lorna Moore which explains about the reason behind the problem Han people are facing in Tibet. The Tibetans seems to be better at reproducing at higher altitudes than the Han, and Han women and infants are suffering because of it. “[The Tibetans] have higher birth weights because the babies are growing more normally in utero,” Moore explained. “We think that’s a result of having greater blood flow to the uterine circulation. And babies who are more normal-sized at birth have a greater chance of survival postnatally.”

The study carried out by Dr. Moore and his team showed that the weight of born babies decreased at the increase of the altitude for both Tibetans and the Han but the magnitude of difference was drastically huge.

Through this issue of the article, it should be an evidence to the very fact of the two races being technically impossible to belong to a same ancestor and thus of a single motherland!

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