I will Never Forget Tibetans Inside Tibet: Dalai Lama

The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama while speaking to devotees from Tibet and Ladakh in Dharamshala, he told that he will never forget those Tibetans inside Tibet. Hundreds of devotees from Tibet and Ladakh received an opportunity to seek audience and listen to his teaching on Thursday at the Tsuglak Khang, McLeod Ganj.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama explained that Tibet is traditionally comprised of the three provinces, Utsang, Dotoe and Domey,  that sense of unity among the Tibetans further strengthened after China imposed strict restrictions upon the common Tibetan language and religion post their invasion of Tibet, bringing back the traditional unity among the three provinces.

On explaining the importance of preserving the Tibetan language irrespective of how it evolved, he told that it is a unique language distinguishable from the Chinese and Indian languages that holds key to understanding the important Buddhist texts. Therefore he urged them to use Tibetan language to study the ancient Buddhist text and not just leave with the feeling that they now got the blessing from His Holiness.

His Holiness also told that he usually say that the Tibetans inside Tibet are the real guardians of the country and because of them, the Tibet issue is widespread across the world today. While thanking them, His Holiness further urged to work at preserving the cause through education.

“You [Tibetans inside Tibet] have been urging me to return to Tibet but it is not that simple, not possible without agreement with China. However, I will never forget Tibetans inside Tibet. Despite almost approaching the advanced age of 83, my general health is excellent. We can hope for change in China’s policies… be happy… concentrate at education.” added the Tibetan spiritual leader.

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One thought on “I will Never Forget Tibetans Inside Tibet: Dalai Lama

  • February 11, 2018 at 10:21 am

    I am sure Tibet’s people and culture are valued in China. Integrate peacefully


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