With Chinese Provocations, India Must Listen to the Dalai Lama

As the Chinese government has been screaming across the world not to interfere in the internal matter of China when it came to raising voices for Tibet and other occupied regions, why is it interfering in the internal matter of India? With the Chinese provocations over the Kashmir issue, it is time that India listen to the Dalai Lama!

After the Article 370 imposed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir was scrapped, Pakistan desperately tried out for international intervention. However, they had on the Chinese shoulders to cry on and the big brother did not disappoint them too. The communist Asian giant took the lead to internationalize the Kashmir issue by seeking the intervention of UN Security Council.

Such hypocritical move although did not yield any favorable results neither to Pakistan nor to China, is a clear expression of complete disregard to biggest democracy in the world! While India carried out the process of scrapping the Article 370 in a publicly aired political discussion, China has no regard to such legal procedure but meddle in the internal matter of India for political reasons.

Although India won at the UNSC against China, as it declared the matter to be a bilateral issue of India and Pakistan; such open provocations are not tolerable. India has been sidelining the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama from the political mainstream in New Delhi, in order not to provoke China, it has no regard to India’s cautiousness! It is time India listen the His Holiness the Dalai Lama, that too in the political mainstream of New Delhi!

India has multiple choices according to an article in the Economic Times— reiterating India’s claim over Aksai Chin as an unsettled territorial issue on the agenda of the special representatives, eliminating Huawei from 5G trials, placing curbs on China’s economic inroads into India in sensitive sectors, making a statement on developments in Hong Kong because of our concerns on the security of our community there, inviting a Taiwan minister to India officially and giving the Dalai Lama a major platform to speak in Delhi, with an Indian minister in the audience.

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