You Can See I Do Not Look Sick: Dalai Lama Asserted In Minneapolis

His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited the Minneapolis Convention Centre to give an audience and talk to the mostly Tibetan gathering on Sunday morning. His Holiness talked about a variety of topics and more specifically he asserted to his followers that he is in perfect health and going under the treatment happily.

His Holiness explained that the faithful prayers from every follower has and surely have mutual benefit, the follower’s prayers intended with other’s well being will earn you fortune while it also helps him.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama also expressed his gratitude to all the followers inside Tibet as well as across the world for making sincere prayers for his health while he was going under treatment at the Mayo Clinic. He also asserted that the treatment at the Mayo clinic is a very light one without any complexities and the major part of the treatment is to take rest.

His Holiness said that he only has to eat well and sleep well, in the mean time he said that he spends five hours to recite his routine prayers and the rest of time he spends to study other texts. Therefore he told that he is very happy and going through a very easy treatment and assured everyone that there is nothing to worry about his health.

“Full of love, smile. That is the way to build, firstly, happy individual. Then, happy family, then happy community. Finally, happy humanity,” he said when he stressed that love is key to happiness.

“I have also said in my losar greeting video message and today you can see in real, though I am going through treatment do I look sick? No right… besides I look bright and healthy… therefore be happy and we will see again…” His Holiness said in the end of the talk.

The talk was organised by Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota and the talk attended by at least 3000 Tibetans.

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