A Young Tibetan Refugee is Helping Rural Himalayas Develop

A young Tibetan woman raised in one of the Tibetan refugee camps located in the rural Himalayan regions is helping the communities from her native develop. The young leader has initiated sustainable livelihood projects in the region providing great opportunities in these rural places.

Tsechu Dolma, a native Tibetan refugee raised in the Jwalakhiel Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal founded the Mountain Resiliency Project (MRP). MRP aims to address the poverty and food insecurity prevalent in mountain communities. The project works at creating stronger communities from within to combat the already apparent impacts of climate change.

As the project proposes the problem, in Nepal, mountain people are of Tibetan origins and have been historically marginalized. The rugged terrain makes it difficult to promote economic activity and deliver services -leaving the region physically isolated, with poor infrastructure and marginalization.

Tsechu Dolma (standing) at a community meeting in Nepal
Tsechu Dolma (standing) at a community meeting in Nepal

MRP’s triple bottom line approach focuses on food, energy and talent security with a particular focus on cultivating social and economic resilience in the face of climate change. A wide range of projects led by Dolma, MRP and partner organizations bring together young and old, men and women alike to create more resilient, healthy and ecologically sustainable Himalayan mountain communities, the Guardian shares her story.

Dolma’s project has made a positive impact in thousands of lives and many awards, accolades came to her. One of the most prominent recognitions for her initiative came when she was listed among the Forbe’s 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs in 2017. She has received a number of other awards, including a Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship, an Echoing Green Fellowship, and a Brower Youth Award.

You can be a part of the Tibetan refugee’s Mountain Resiliency Project by donating here among other contributions you can make to the project.

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