Air India Bows China and Lists Taiwan as Chinese Taipei

The Indian national carrier Air India in a controversy has bowed to Chinese pressure and made a change in the name of Taiwan as Chinese Taipei in their flight booking site. The issue which is the same narration of more than 30 other airlines is being strongly protested by people from Taiwan as well as many people from India itself.

Air India has kowtowed to Beijing and listed Taiwan as “Chinese Taipei” after China demanded Air India, along with 33 other airlines describe Taiwan as part of China, or face punitive action two months ago. “Taipei, Taoyuan International Airport, TPE, Chinese Taipei” is now how Air India lists Taoyuan airport while pleasing China to continue their business operations in the country but also disappointing many others too.

An Indian academic earlier last week said that there was no reason for Air India to submit to China’s demand because China does not respect India’s territorial claims. Further, none of India’s communiques with China include any mention or support for the so-called “One China” policy. However, Chinese scholars refuted that if India equates territorial disputes with the issue of Taiwan, it is wrong suggested that those airlines refusing comply to suggested change, they are supporting the idea of the independence of Taiwan and can be thrown out of the Chinese market.

In the recent past, several multinational companies like the Marriott International, ZARA, Delta Air, etc., were also made to apologise for listing Tibet and Taiwan as a separate countries and the Chinese government warned against all such multinational companies to review their information for dealing with China. No company disobeyed the directive from the communist government!

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One thought on “Air India Bows China and Lists Taiwan as Chinese Taipei

  • July 11, 2018 at 5:14 pm

    Trying to think of an example of something outrageous even more ragingly mad than this. I just can’t.


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