Another Episode Of Horrifying Theft At Majnu Ka Tilla

Another episode of notorious theft stories have erupted from Majnu Ka Tilla, Tibetan colony in Delhi. This is the third such major robbery report from the Tibetan hub in Delhi recently and the it actually horrifying to see the thieves repeating their activities despite having reported several times before this!

“The third major robbery in the last few months in the Tibetan Colony in Majnu Ka Tilla took place on early morning of Wednesday from a hotel room in the New Camp section.” said the news report in Tibet Sun.

“Guests from the US and Canada checked into their room around 1 am on Wednesday. At 8 am they found their valued belongings, including cash and jewellery, had been stolen.” added the report.

The victims staying at the guest house slept in the night with their windows open. While the guest has surveillance cameras installed in the facility, it seems the culprits have found a way to sneak into the building from the back side thus avoiding being captured by the surveillance cameras!

The previous such major case also report from the same guest house had the story of having their windows left open while going to sleep. While the police searched all the staffs and their rooms, they did not find anything. Since the previous theft people having been avoiding the guest house as well.

Lekyi Dorjee Tsangla, the Welfare Officer of the Tibetan Colony, speaking to media has said that robbery and prostitution have been the two perennial problems of the Tibetan Colony in Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi.

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