Arunachal Pradesh In China, Not India In World Maps From China

World maps being sold across the world made from China is depicting the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh as part of China and not in India according to a trending report. The made in India map is being shared as it has totally outraged many people across the world for carrying such a propaganda!

“Pictures of the globe being sold at Costco stores in Canada and elsewhere have gone viral on social media that show India’s map without Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. While the globe shows Kashmir as a separate territory, Arunachal Pradesh is shown as part of China.” said the report in Times Now News.

It was discovered that the globe was being shown as ‘Made In China’ and Indian citizens from Canada started tweeting the picture and addressing that to the Indian authorities over the social media. While the Indian foreign minister, Shm. Sushma Swaraj is popularly known for promptly acting over issues erupting out of social media, we would like to see strict action from her towards the manufacturers as well as the resellers.

“A complaint has been filed with the Costco management in this regard and Indian-origin customers have demanded that the globe be withdrawn from sale immediately.” added the report.

China has been known for its effort to proclaim the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh as a part of China terming the region as ‘Southern Tibet’ and there has been continued issues of Chinese incursions into the Indian territory through the region. Such tensions were not heard of before 1959 when Tibet was a free nation, acting as a peaceful buffer zone between the two asian giants.

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