At Any Cost, We Shouldn’t Lose Our Unity

In light of the new geopolitical order clearly unfurled by 2017, it has become ever more challenging for all countries across the globe to achieve the cohesion to oneness for one common goal amongst their populace. EU and USA for instance has been tearing apart between the far-rightists and leftists.

A similar fashion has also been occurring within the atmosphere of Tibetan Diaspora since the last election race for the post of Kalon Tripa despite frequent calls by His Holiness the Dalai Lama for unity within Tibetan Communities. Specially by the sudden eviction of Mr. Penpa Tsering, the former speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile and the finalist candidate for the 2016 election, off the post as the representative of Dalai Lama to North America by the Tibetan Cabinet led by Lobsang Sangay, those wounds caused to our unity during the last election seems to be reopening once more.

A great deal of despair and displeasure is clouding the internet-world of Tibetans. The main factor escalating to this social unrest amongst Tibetans is not merely the case of the ousting of the representative but often the half-baked speculations or the so called fake news circulating on social media which often drives the Tibetan mass, before releasing the empirical explanations from the concerned bodies, to blow out angry words at each other based on nepotism and regionalism. I don’t want to consider this as a reference point for the education-level of the Tibetan mass but I personally found that running after fake news without conducting a proper analysis reflects a very low standard of education and a sheer act of stupidity. Unless we are awakened to this realization, the fake news on social media including those insidious WeChat groups presage a portentous danger to our unity. When different words are said and articulated, the reality becomes distorted and distant. I don’t see anything more dangerous to Tibet than something which endangers our unity!

We ought to take off the glasses of regionalism and look at the things from a wider perspective. For example, replacing a representative is not the end of the world to our common cause nor is it the finishing line for Penpa Tsering himself to serve Tibet. Rather I see it as an opportunity for him to build his strategy for the next Kalon Tripa or Sikyong (President of CTA). I am also a supporter of him but I found our unity more important than digging the internal power fictions and forget the common ground. Because we all are well conscious of the fact that we are living in a time of great tensions. Tensions building up with the Chinese against the age of the Dalai Lama, tensions about the existence of our status as Tibetans while China is gaining more or less everything in its favour across the world by exercising its economic might in every possible way, tensions over merging the dividing forces between the Middle Way Approach and Rangtsen, tensions about the direction of our newly born democracy which we see time and again falling prey to the devil of regionalism making our situation ever more critical. What is happening now defines this best.

Therefore, it’s not a time to let our unity be blown away by waging war over personal motives of Lobsang Sangay or Penpa Tsering. Let politicians play their games alone. But history remembers forever how much they have disappointed us at a time of such criticality. For example, Kashag’s press conference over this matter was as vague and cheap as Lobsang Sangay’s answers to his overseas-Chinese-passport issue to which, no matter how many times he was asked in the public, he adamantly kept running around the bush. Many questions as such had never been clear to the public! Lack of transparency and being less truthful to public is one of the reasons why more and more people (specially the educated ones) are turning away from CTA and why the number of yearly green book registrations is not growing as much as the growth of Tibetan demography. If we yearn deep down in our heart for CTA and the future of our democracy, more transparency and more accountability is needed from our leadership.

To draw my final say, let me bring to you an ancient wisdom: “United we stand, divided we fall.” It seems that higher His Holiness the Dalai Lama ages, weaker goes our unity. Isn’t this the highest level of risk to our common cause? In my conviction, the only way to reverse this pattern is to let us unanimously and wholeheartedly follow the missions and visions shown by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. So long there is unity amongst us, there is the hope for Tibet. Thus, let us all be one: one Tibet. Let us all stay united specially in situations like this. Nothing is more important than to have unity amongst Tibetans! Because unity is the life of our struggle, neither Lobsang Sangay nor Penpa Tsering.

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Lhundup Gyatso Zotsang

A writer based in Paris. You can read more of his articles on his personal blog at

3 thoughts on “At Any Cost, We Shouldn’t Lose Our Unity

  • November 24, 2017 at 7:58 am

    Wonderful Article published on time that necessitated such article. We are on the same page as far as the present issue is concerned.

  • December 12, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    Mainly it was Dhondup Choephel of Mila rangzen published inflammatory in social media.
    Usually media they publish what they see or from whom they hear by identifying source of information. But Dhondup Choephel of mila rangzen has encouraged and directing certain section of tibetan people to challenge against our own Sikyong and Kashag/CTA. It was totally wrong, total irresponsible and unprofessionalism as media.

    Secondly it was Penpa Tsering’s behaviour as an employee under kashag was unacceptable to Sikyong and Kashag or with any leader of government or business organisation.

    Imagine an employee who is challenging to his/her boss all the time and total disrespecting and not adhering as directed, it is not possible to function smoothly or achieve its target. Penpa Tsering’s motive(kunlong) was to sabotage Sikyong’s successful and tarnish his image.

    The reason are proven in the past election campaign.

    In year 2011 during election campaign there was no hurling accusation each other among Sikyong candidates. Lobsang Sangay was one of its candidate.

    Then in year 2016 Sikyong’s position campaign, it was the Penpa Tsering who have been vigorously making false accusation against Lobsang Sangay. Penpa Tsering left behind trail of accusation against Lobsang Sangay where ever he went. Where ever Lobsang Sangay travelled on his work related, people demanded explanation about Penpa Tsering’s false accusation against him. Lobsang Sangay was forced to answer to all accusation by Penpa Tsering, then Penpa Tsering twisted situation again and accused Lobsang Sangay for campaign travel on CTA funded termed election rules violation.

    In the past and now on going civil unrest are all caused by Dhondup Cheophel of Mila ranzang and Penpa Tsering himself. These two are sole responsible of these unfortunate ongoing division created among us with all false accusation to our Sikyong/Kashag/CTA.

    Please let us wake up, wise up and remain in unity.


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