Believe it or not, This is an Indian Railway Junction, Yes!

The Indian Union minister for Railways on Tuesday unveiled the recently redevelopment look of the Mathura Junction on his official Twitter account. The redevelopment has given a makeover look of the specific railway junction that would leave you in a difficult position to actually believe it is railway junction in India!

The redeveloped railway station has been provided new entry and exit gates. The retiring room for the first class railway passengers has been completely revamped, and new comfortable benches are provided. The VIP room of the railway station, as well as the booking hall, have been given a major overhaul. The entrance gate of the station has been given a refreshing look while the circulating area of the station has been renovated according to updates.

According to the report in Times Now News, the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal in a previous meeting with the railway board talked about the redevelopment of 68 stations by February this year. Several railway stations like Jaipur, New Delhi etc have already been upgraded while others are slowly being revamped. The stations are being upgraded to have facilities like lifts, escalators, foot-over-bridge, parking lot, circulating area, waiting rooms, modern toilets etc.

The Indian railways are putting their efforts to make the railway junctions more friendly for the commuters. Piyush Goyal led cabinet, Indian Railways are not only providing a facelift of the railway stations across the country, they are now upgrading prominent railway junctions by developing world class amenities like escalators, lounges, booking halls as well as better entry and exit gates. The Mathura Junction is an evidence of the redevelopment actually taking place.

Some of the other stations that have already undergone major upgrade include Jaipur Junction, Tirupati railway station, Haridwar railway station, and New Delhi railway station. The following is the short clip of the railway junction shared by Piyush Goyal on Twitter.

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One thought on “Believe it or not, This is an Indian Railway Junction, Yes!

  • January 31, 2019 at 6:43 am

    These world class facilities will be undone by indian aam admis. When drinking water tumbler has to be chained to water purifier, you can imagine! Snack wrappers will be thrown on the floor casually, paan “juice” will be spit on the floor or wall, and so on.


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