Beware of ATMs Installed at Majnu Ka Tilla, Warns a Tibetan Victim

In a video message released by a Tibetan residing Sikkim, he is spreading the message that the ATMs installed at the Majnu Ka Tilla, the Tibetan settlement in Delhi led to a fraudulent theft of money from his ATM card after using it.

There are three ATMs near the Tibetan Day school entrance at the Majnu Ka Tilla, Samyeling Tibetan Settlement in Delhi. According to the victim who is a school teacher by profession narrates the incident. He has used the AXIS bank ATM, while his turn in the queue, a fine man requests to go before to check his statement.

After that when he tried to swipe his card, the card got stuck in the machine. He explains that the same man came to help him remove the card. Due to suspicion, the victim told that he cancelled the transaction and even verified his bank balance. However, after reaching Dharamshala, he received SMS notification that an amount of Rs. 20000 was withdrawn from his card somewhere in Delhi and he immediately for deactivation of his card.

The ATMs installed at Majnu Ka Tilla by ICICI bank, Axis Bank which are usually no well maintained. Besides, the ATMs does not have security persons to look after it. Besides, there are past issues of such frauds from the same place according to the victim’s knowledge.

This issue can not be taken lightly and the bank officials should take proper action action the frauds and arrange for sufficient security requirements. The victim also told that he made the video to make others wary of the threat as Majnu Ka Tilla is a junction for all Tibetan travellers.

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One thought on “Beware of ATMs Installed at Majnu Ka Tilla, Warns a Tibetan Victim

  • January 3, 2019 at 3:15 am

    Does he report to the police? Why didn’t he deactivated his card after struck his ATM in Majnikatilla? I hope he should report to the police or banks manager.


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