Breaking News: Tibetan Man Burns Self to Protest Against China

According to the breaking news, a Tibetan man has burnt himself to protest against China’s invasion of Tibet on Wednesday. Continuing the ceaseless chain of Tibetans resorting to self immolation since 2009 both inside and outside Tibet, the Tibetan man died at the site of burning himself on Wednesday evening.

“A Tibetan man named Tseko from Ngaba county in China occupied Tibet has burnt himself to death to protest against China’s repression over Tibet.” said the Tibetan report in Tibet Times on Wednesday evening.

A source to the agency has report that around 5 pm local time in Tibet, Tseko set himself to fire and died Ngaba county’s Maruma town in protest against the Chinese repression over Tibetans and died on the spot. According his near ones, Tseko is generally very much concerned about the Tibetan cause and he is believed to be around 40 years of age. The deceased is survived by his mother, wife and two daughters.

Since the onset of ceaseless chain of Tibetans resorting self immolation as a last resort to make their repressed painful voice  under Chinese invasion, more than 151 Tibetans have already set themselves on fire. These Tibetans either young or old, men or women, monk or lay, equivocally raise slogans calling for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and human rights for Tibetans despite themselves being engulfed in deadly fire!

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