Can the world survive without TIBET?

The question can the world survive without Tibet is a striking question mark which at the first glance anyone would occur, what this Tibet has got to do with the survival of the world? But I bet if you get little deeper into this issue, you will come across the heart of Asia and the third pole of the world. And yet again, the world seems it will thrive well without Tibet. The question of survival of world comes out with the survival of the Tibet because every fire starts from a tiny spark and every blunder of the history occurred from simple mistakes and ignorant attitudes… The survival Tibet is a question of survival of religious freedom, cultural independence and human values in this century. If socialization process with civilization has no effect on the eradication of colonialism and invasion among larger and smaller populations, there is no bright future for the world at large. The slightest behaviour incapability from the larger world to stand united against the invasion of any country from a larger country is the first seed to the growth of the world to another deadly world war! The value of Tibetan lives have always been very low rated against the question of Freedom of Tibet because till now, the number of Tibetan live given up in the struggle for the same has been exponential! But now, the question is not there with the Tibetan lives, how many more lives may go into ashes from Tibetans, its heeded least. However, Tibet is not only for Tibetans! It is an issue of the world; it is an issue of the country which sources the water resources to major part of Asia, which preaches world peace, universal responsibility with an importance of the title, The Third Pole of the world. Can the world survive with TIBET? May be yeah, but all in bloodshed…

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