Celebrity Jane Birkin Denied China Visa For Her Pro-Tibet Supports

69-year-old British actress and singer, Jane Birkin was forced to cancel her scheduled concert in Shanghai on 9th of this month due to lack of visa which was not granted by China. She was proposed to perform alongside the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra but the Symphony Orchestra released a statement before the concert stating that Jane could do make to due certain reasons.

The exact words were that Jane Birkin “could not participate in the event due to certain reason”. According to the various reports it is clear that the denial of China visa came with no explanation and there could be no other reason than here engagement in a pro-Tibetan independence protest during the torch relay in Paris against the 2008 Beijing Olympics where she spoke of  China’s “lack of free speech” to the media.

Besides this, the singer has been an active member in Amnesty International and the International Human Rights Federation and has a “commitment to fighting human rights abuses.” which China do not tolerate at all.

A party mouth piece media in China wrote about the incident with a picture of Jane Birkin holding Tibetan flag “Even if the Chinese government allows entry to a pro-Tibet independence artist, the Chinese people won’t let this happen,”

The Guardian reported that “The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra was to have accompanied Birkin at the 9 July concert, part of her Gainsbourg Symphonic tour which kicked off in Montreal early last month to mark 25 years since the death of iconic French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg.”

Earlier this year, the young american celebrity Selena Gomez was forced to cancel her concert in China after a picture of her together with His Holiness the Dalai Lama came out! Lady Gaga more dramatically has been banned from China after she attended a talk event about kindness and compassion along with His Holiness against the warnings from the Chinese government.

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