Chandigarh Will Fine Rs. 500 For Defecating In Open

The Municipal Corporation in Chandigarh has announced that a challaning system will be implemented in the next few days against those people who defecate in the open areas instead of using toilet. The Municipal has initiated this step to get ODF(Open Defecation Free) status and build a cleaner, contamination free environment for the city according to a report in the Indian Express.

“The Municipal Corporation has deployed marshals to keep a watch on those going in for open defecation. A fine of Rs 500 will be imposed as challan. Initially, the marshals, who are employees of the civic body, will tell people to use the toilets made by the civic body and not go out in the open. After that, the marshals will start challaning from this week itself.” said the report.

The Municipal has deployed 10 team of five marshals who are allocated to certain parameters of colonies and villages to check for firstly the availability of toilets and its usage, then they will check the city for people defecating in the open, especially during the morning ours.

“The marshals will identify people who are habitual. All those defecating in the open will be made aware and then the challaning will begin in few days,” said Municipal Commissioner Baldeo Purushartha.

“They(the marshals) will explain people the importance of cleanliness, health and hygiene under the Swachh Bharat Mission. Not only will people be told of the challans that will be issued but also the contamination that takes place from open defecation. The effects of open defecation like contaminating agricultural produce and spread of diseases like diarrhoea and cholera will also be discussed. After that, challaning will begin and the fine will have to be deposited with the MC’s MOH wing.” said the report.

This is a genuine effort from the local body to promote health and cleanliness in the city and it is reported that a team from the ministry will be visiting the city later on to inspect whether the city deserves the ODF tag.

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