China Executed 10 Death Sentences In Public View At Stadium

Ten people were sentenced to death and immediately executed in China’s Lufeng after a court’s ruling. The sentencing of the 10 people for drug-related crimes, murder and robbery which were carried out in full public view at a local sports stadium.

According to the Guardian, local residents of Lufeng in southern Guangdong province were invited to the sentencing four days prior to the announcement of the decision. On the day of the sentencing, the accused were brought in the stadium in the back of police trucks each accompanied by four policemen wearing dark sunglasses.

Reports said that among the thousands of people watching the sentencing, there were also students who were present at the scene. People attending the sentencing recorded the event on their mobile phone while others casually smoked and started chatting with each other.

China’s annual record of carrying out executions overshadows that of all the countries in the world combined. The Communist Party-ruled country reportedly executes 2,000 inmates according to a data gathered by the Dui Hua Foundation. Even non-violent offences China relating to smuggling of drugs can carry death penalty.

This is not the first time China has publicly declared the sentencing and the execution of inmates. Five months ago, 8 people were sentenced to death in a similar fashion. The Central government, as a sign of approval for the rare practice, has remained aloof from addressing the objective behind approving the act of public sentencing.

Although open-sentencing is rare in China, this practice is seeing a revival as a corollary of what the states sees as a rising terrorism in the country. China has stated that it will not tolerate terrorism within its controlled territory.

Closely following China’s footstep is the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte under whose regime, suspected drug dealers have been openly executed.

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