China Expels 3 Tibetans with Valid Visas After 8 Hours Detainment at Airport

Three foreign based Tibetans holding valid visas on their foreign passports were expelled after eight hours of detainment at the airport blocking their entry to the country for meeting their relatives. The Tibetans were intensively questioned and searched by the officials at the airport before expelling them from the country.

“Chinese authorities at Chengdu airport in Sichuan blocked three Tibetans holding foreign passports from entering China on Thursday, questioning them harshly and detaining them for hours before expelling them, Tibetan sources say.” said the report in the Radio Free Asia on Friday.

According to the report two of the Tibetans were travelling with South Korean passports while the third was visiting Tibet on a US passport. The Tibetans were denied the opportunity to meet their family members in Sichuan and sent back to South Korea without providing any explanation.

“They were detained for eight hours in a small room at the airport, without even a drop of water to drink,” according to the RFA’s source saying which also explained that a Chinese immigration official and other police officers took turns at interrogating the Tibetans.

Valid visa stamped on the traveller's passport
Valid visa stamped as cancelled on the traveller’s passport on February 22, 2018

This kind of restriction from Chinese officials are more commonly seen erupting during politically sensitive dates such as the 10th March which is soon approaching as they fear of public unrest among the Tibetan public in protest against the Chinese rule. The incident came up despite all of the three people were travelling with legit visas to enter China!

“Besides asking them all kinds of questions, they also searched their web chat and notebooks and made copies of their telephone contacts. The authorities did not listen to any of their explanations, and the group feels that they were scorned and mistreated because of their Tibetan origins.” the report added.

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