China Says Dalai Lama’s Successor Should Have its Approval

In a blatant claim from China, it has said on Wednesday that the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s successor must be approved by them. China has reiterated the claim when the Dalai Lama is recovering from a chest infection at a hospital in New Delhi, India.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang during a media briefing on Wednesday explained to a questing asking if China has any plans to appoint His Holiness’s successor, the Chinese central government has to approve the Dalai Lama’s successor chosen through the reincarnation system.

In a strong objection to Chinese interest in recognizing the reincarnation of the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, a US senator has explained that the Congress will never recognize China’s  choice of the next Dalai Lama. He affirmed the US congress will only follow instructions laid by the present Dalai Lama.

The Tibetan spiritual leader has also clarified in a recent interview to Reuters that if there is a need for his successor, he or she should be born in a free country. He also told that “in case you see two Dalai Lamas come, one from here, in free country [India], one chosen by Chinese, then nobody will trust, nobody will respect [the one chosen by China].”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was rushed to the Max Hospital in New Delhi on Tuesday morning from Dharamshala when he faced a light cough and chest pain. After being admitted at the private hospital, His Holiness has recovered from the infection and reported to be doing very well.

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One thought on “China Says Dalai Lama’s Successor Should Have its Approval

  • April 11, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    If Chinese authorities are so interested on approving reincarnation then first I will request with respectfully as nation leaders, I am urging to them please approve the chairmen Mao’s reincarnation. Next see about others. Before you guys will take that action what result will face in the Chinese policy on the external and internal. I think if that take then it is sign of loser. Economic power on your country is not going as before. One bald and one road dream will unfruitful. Noon of the peoples from out side will accept the your approved one. Even in Chinese peoples who are following the present his holiness Dalai Lama. That clear every body knew it. Even His Holiness also emphasised. So, better to not touch the fire, if you touch it it will burn authorities themself.


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