China’s Covert Operations In Canada Since Many Years

China has carried out covert operations in Canada by sending their agents on tourist visa. The secret service agents of China has been sent to Canada to coerce return their national fugitives who had take refugee in the country. China’s covert operations in Canada targeted expatriates who were either suspected of corruption or other criminals to force them to return to China.

“The covert Chinese operation has been going on for years in Canada, according to the insider briefed on the situation. It is part of a global effort by China to repatriate fugitives and recover money stolen by Communist party officials or employees of state-owned enterprises.” said the report in The Globe and Mail.

According to the report in The Globe and Mail on Wednesday, the China’s covert operations practiced are ‘tactics that include threats and intimidation because they were “ticked off” at Canada for “not being willing to send people back the instant they asked” and for dragging its feet on an extradition treaty’.

Chinese premier Li Keqiang arrived in Ottawa on Wednesday to hold talks with his counterpart Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The two officials will be discussing on an extradition treaty between China and Canada as the formal talks on the issue were approved between a top communist party official and Mr. Trudeau’s security advisor in Beijing earlier this month.

Canadians Do Not Approve Chinese Judicial System

Though there are rounds of talks going on between the officials for a possible extradition treaty between the two countries, many lawyers and politicians in Canada are wary of the move. The prime reasons of their concerns against the move are death penalty in Chinese judicial system, torture, reliance on coercion in evidence collection and the jurisdiction of courts coming under the Community Party. They are against these factors to enter into a treaty as these factors are not inline with Canadian principles and values.

The lawyers and activists strongly question Prime Minister Trudeau if that is what he stands up for Human Rights by talking with China on this issue.

China’s Covert Operations Elsewhere

Last year, US had strongly warned China against carrying out China’s covert operations on the US soil. Recently, US arrested a Chinese mole within the FBI who had been operating secretly for more than last five years of decade FBI career.

India also expelled three Chinese journalists who were denied visa extensions to work in the country on the grounds of their involvement in activities beyond their journalistic belief.

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