China’s Stealth Fighter Aircraft In Tibet Not Signalling India?

Recently a picture of the top secret Chinese stealth fighter aircraft parked in Daocheng Yading in Tibet, the highest civilian airport in the world and many reports have come out as it being a signal to India for the stealth fighter jet was brought to Tibet, close to Arunachal Pradesh in India ‘just days before Modi’s visit to China for G-20’ and ‘just days after China warned India against deploying the BrahMos missile along the Himalayas.’

However, according to an article by a retired Indian Air Vice Marshal, Manmohan Bahadur in The Daily Mail, after a ‘professional assessment of the ‘sighting’ of the J-20 in Tibet’, he concludes of the incident as “It is not ‘signalling’ being done for geo-political reasons, but just part of the flight testing that any aviation system goes through.” which seems to be very natural.

Besides Mr. Bahadur studies about the incident in such depth that throws more light into the alleged J-20 stealth fighter and claims says that the J-20 is still a work in progress of prototype testing and the full fledged operational capabilities would come only later 2017.

“So, what was the J-20 doing in the high altitude airfield? The answer is, just what the Indian Tejas was doing at the high altitude airfield at Leh some months back – these aircraft have operated from these high altitude airfields as part of their hot and high prototype testing, which is mandatory as part of flight clearance.” says the article.

However, the author also warns India to prepare for the fact the in the coming years, a Chinese stealth fighter can be operated from the high altitude air fields of Tibet which is very close to India territory.

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