A Chinese Spy was Encountered at Tibet Rally in Swiss

As the largest Tibetan community base in Europe complained of growing surveillance from Chinese authorities since it signed a free trade agreement with Switzerland, an alleged Chinese spy was encountered on record by one of the participants at the Tibet rally during the commemoration of Tibetan National Uprising day on March 10.

“But among the 3,500 attendees at the Geneva rally were a pair of Chinese spies, according to event participants and organizers. One of the suspected spies was filmed by Tenzin Losinger, a young woman from Zurich with Tibetan roots.” said the report in a local news portal The Local.

According to the report, while the suspect on record initially claimed to a Japanese tourist when enquired for taking pictures of the rally, he is captured to be running away by the young lady and kept trying to dodge the video recording, finally fleeing away.

“Thomas Büchli, President of the Swiss-Tibetan fellowship, who spoke at the Geneva rally on Saturday, said he believed the photos were taken by people in the pay of the Chinese embassy. He added this was not the first time this had happened.” added the report which also informed that a criminal complaint was filed with federal prosecutors against the incident.

“The Society fro Threatened People (STP) and Tibet organisations in Switzerland are concerned about the Chinese government’s increasing exertion of influence – also in Switzerland. In particular, concern has been caused by the violations of the right to free expression, the right to a distinct identity, the right to freedom of movement and the right to privacy,” informed the STP in a campaign against the Swiss authorities demanding the betterment of securities for Tibetans in the country earlier this month.

The campaign highlighted direct influences against Tibetans where the sizeable community of around 7500, the largest in whole Europe faces constant surveillances from Chinese authorities like this incident. The STP’s campaign also reported that it has grown very difficult for Tibetans to obtain travel documents even in Switzerland.

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