Disabled Man Dedicated To Educate Rural Children

An inspirational disabled Indian man has been dedicating his life to teaching the local rural children for the last 20 years. A local man informed that the man is dedicated to educating rural children where he teaches around 70 local children after he got disabled in an accident. This man provides free teaching to educate rural children in a village in Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh.

Gopal Khandewal, 47 lost his parents long before while two of his brothers live in Rajasthan. As per Noval, a local person of the village whose kids also learn at Gopal’s classes told that Gopal has no family member looking after him.

However, he started teaching the local kids on a village ground while his friend, Amit took take care of his food and shelter.

According to Noval, Gopal has not received any sort of government support in his initiative.

This is even more inspiring to hear that Gopal’s aspiration is to help prepare the local rural children for a bright career. Even after suffering a serious injury to his spinal cord that put him to lead a disabled life, he has dedication to work for the welfare of others.

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