Dr. Lobsang Sangay Set For Second Term Of Sikyong With 57% Votes

The incumbent Sikyong of Central Tibetan Administration has secured a majority of 57% votes in the recent election according to a report in Tibetan Review and he is now set to continue with the responsibility of Sikyong for the second straight term since his election 2011.

The most recent election which completed on the 20th of March had been a very competitive and a vigorous contest between the incumbent Sikyong Dr. Sangay and the speaker Mr. Penpa Tsering with a couple of face to face debating campaigns organised by news agencies and political parties alike.

The finalist candidates speaker Mr. Tsering and Sikyong Dr. Sangay engaged in extensive campaigning tours across the various exile Tibetan communities.

“Sangay has won by big margins in the large Tibetan settlements, notably in Bylakuppe, Mundgod and Ladakh, as well as in Europe, North America and Australia on overall bases. Penpa Tsering’s most notable win has been in the exile Tibetan capital of Dharamshala; he also won in several local areas both in India and abroad.” says the report.

In a visible result of the extensive campaigns, the margin of victory votes by Dr. Sangay has very significantly reduced and the result of the votes show a sign of a healthy democratic figure. The vast majority vote enjoyed by Dr. Lobsang Sangay in the preliminary election last year has reduced by almost double and speaker Penpa Tsering has inched very close to a very competitive figure of vote shares.

“Of the total of about 90,000 registered Tibetan voters, nearly 58,000 have exercised their franchise, accounting for a turnout of more than 64 percent, although the final figures will be announced by the Tibetan election commission.” reported Tibetan Review.

Sikyong is the political head of Tibetans with its headquarter Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala after His Holiness the Dalai Lama devolved all his political roles in 2011. Dr. Lobsang Sangay is the first elected political head of Tibetans after His Holiness’s retirement and now he will continue to preside over Central Tibetan Administration for the second term.

Though this is an unofficial report of the vote counts from most of the polling stations, the Election Commission of CTA will officially announce the results of the Sikyong election along with the results of the members of the parliament on April 27.

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