Fire Accident at Tibetan Market in Agra

In a breaking report, a fire has broke out at the Tibetan market in Agra on late Saturday night. Tibetan refugees who have set up their temporary winter markets in Agra has suffered a fire accident. The incident of fire gave a panic mode to the Tibetans who have set their stalls adjacent to the Agra Fort near powerhouse bus stand.

According to local sources, the fire broke out at a puncture shop near the Tibetan market around 9:30 pm on Saturday night. Tires kept in the shop caught fire and the flames grew stronger and stronger. Soon there was chaos in the market. The Tibetans had closed their shops and gone to sleep but the incident made them rush back to the market and get the goods out.

Although the timely response from the locals, powerhouse police post and the fire brigade saved the market from a huge disaster, Tibetans have incurred some financial losses. However, according to the Tibetan report by Voice of Tibet, the president of Tibetan Market said that they do not plan to seeks donations or such sorts.

There are 35 shops in the Tibetan market which are made of bamboo tents. Had the flames not been controlled, entire 35 shops were sure to be destroyed. Tibetans bring warm clothes for sale every year. While most of the stock was taken back to their residence, there was still a lot of goods kept inside the shops.

Tibetan refugee families set up temporary stalls in various cities across the country during the winter seasons to sell winter wears and it has been a source of decent livelihood for many.

Since the Tibetans sought refuge in India back in 1959, they began rebuilding the centers of learning and culture in India. While it was a rough ride initially struggling for livelihoods through road construction jobs, the exile community is well off today with the winter business being a main source of livelihood.

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