First Tibetan Terminology App Called TibTerm Launched

The Terminology Desk of Department of Education at the Central Tibetan Administration has recently launched a new Tibetan language App called ‘TibTerm’. This is the first of the kind Tibetan language app which is dedicated to the standardization of standard Tibetan Terms, already published by the official desk of CTA.

Protection and preservation of the Tibetan language vis a vis promoting awareness and use of Tibetan terminology has always been the aims and objectives of the Terminology Desk of the Department of Education, according to the official website of CTA in their launch report. TibTerm has been launched in both the Android and iOS platforms.

TibTerm is a glossary of English to Tibetan definition different terms as standardized by the office of the Department of Education in Dharamsala. The App actually makes it really easy for the users to find out the corresponding Tibetan terms for English words, just as the objectives of the Terminology desk.

“The goal is to create a mass convenience of accessing the use of Tibetan terminology. Another important objective is to formulate universally accepted terms” said Mr. Ogyen Tenzin, Chief Editor and Head of the Terminology Desk at the launch event. Launch on June 3, this year, it has more a hundred downloads on Android’s playstore platform.

The new Tibetan terminology app was created by Dachompa Tech LLP an IT enterprise from Bangalore. The Tibetan IT enterprise has earlier been involved with the development of the App version of the official website of Central Tibetan Administration,

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