India Should Help Resolve Tibet Issue: President Sangay Urges At Thank You India Launch

In a move to engage with the international community for expressing gratitude in their support at the making the successful story of the Tibetan exile community, especially India, the host country of the exile headquarters, President Lobsang Sangay urged India to help in the resolution of Tibet issue while launching the yearlong Thank You India program for 2018.

“CTA is orgainising a series of events to mark 2018 as thank you year. It is a gesture of our gratitude to India for the support and encouragement that have enabled exile Tibetan community under the leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to survive as a productive and cohesive community outside Tibet,” Tibetan President Lobsang Sangay announced at Press Club of India in New Delhi as the year marked 60 years of Tibet’s exile.

Though it has been a tragic history, the President told that the exile story has be a very successful movement which is largely due to the support of the international community particularly India and its people. While presenting the need for India’s seriousness in the resolution of the Tibet issue, he even told that the Tibetan movement is original product of Make in India, an initiative endorsed by PM Narendra Modi.

While explaining the close link between India and the Tibetan movement as popularly known, His Holiness the Dalai Lama calling himself as a ‘son of India’, Tibetan movement being bound by the non-violent policy Ahimsa, the Gandhian principle and the Tibetan democracy adapted from Indian democracy, Tibetan President urged India to continue the support and resolve the Tibet issue. He told that the success of the Tibetan movement will both determine and reflect the success of India, as only India has the legitimacy and credibility to resolve the Tibet issue.

The CTA President also highlighted the efforts being met by the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama in reviving the Nalanda tradition in India after successfully reviving Tibetan culture and Buddhism from the ashes of China’s destruction after coming into exile.

“China has destroyed almost 95% of Tibetan monasteries and nunneries. However, under the visionary guidance of His Holiness and the support of Indian government, Tibetan Buddhism is thriving now. Not just in Tibetan community, Tibetan Buddhism is now also thriving in the Himalayan belt as a result of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s efforts. His Holiness now wants to revive this ancient knowledge throughout India,”

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