Jat Protests Affect Tibetan Commuters Along Delhi And Himachal

The Jats of Haryana state stirred that whole state with violent protests for the last few days have led to the blockage of all the major link roads including the NH1 and NH10 those passing through the state. This caste unrest in the state have severely affected the Tibetan commuters having to traverse through the region.

Jats from Haryana has demanded Government reservation quota under the category of OBCs.

Many Tibetans travelling to Delhi or returning from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh have reportedly been left stranded at various points along the route with the buses not being able to move. Besides the blockade led to a surge in the crowd at Majnu Ka Tilla, the junction for Tibetans in Delhi.

People stranded in the middle of the roads at various points had to pay huge extra amount of money to pass through UP bound roads through Saharanpur and reach Delhi which also took a whole lot of more time. People claimed to have paid to the taxis a hefty amount of 1600 rupees per head to travel through UP onto Delhi.

Many people returning from Himachal has flight schedule to catch to while many people stuck in Delhi has to go through the congestion of the crowd in Majnu Ka Tilla where it has become impossible to find guest houses to stay. Many people have resorted to sleeping in the lobbies of the guest houses while some have also headed to the Inter State Bus Terminal(ISBT) Kashmere Gate to seek shelter.

Though the airways were an option travel between Delhi and Dharamshala, the fares have shot up by three to four folds! The Tibetan buses that leaves from Majnu Ka Tilla has not plied for the last two days and it is still in dilemma whether it would be plied today as the violent protests have not settled well even after government assurances.

The protests have led to the closure of the Munal Canal which accounts to more than 60% of Delhi household water supplies and Delhi is suffering a sudden huge water crisis. Even though the army has taken control of the canal yesterday and opened the water supply, it is reported that it would take at least two days to shed the crisis.

If the unrests did not settle sooner, the problem is anticipated to get a whole lot worse; many pilgrims are  returning from the Telo Tsechu (Monkey year) religious congregation in Rewalsar (Tso Pema), Students of Tibetan schools in Himachal and Uttarakhand will be coming to Delhi from different parts of India to reach their schools which are reopening soon from winter vacations.

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