Karmapa Going Through Medical Treatment In US

His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa going through medical treatment in US says the official announcement. Tsurphu Labrang, the Karmapa’s office of administration announce in a public statement that the Karmapa who presently staying in US on a prolong visit is on medical treatment.

The letter came in response to rumours spreading out about His Holiness’s prolonged stay in the United States and cut out all the various rumours stating that while His Holiness returned to the US by cutting short of his Germany visit due to serious illness of his 80 year old senior attendant, Gelek Kunchok, who has cared for His Holiness since his childhood, a health check up of His Holiness himself revealed new health concerns.

“In the United States, His Holiness went through a comprehensive health check up which revealed new health concerns. His Holiness’ physicians have advised him to take time for further treatment and full rest and recovery. This is difficult in India because of his busy schedule. Therefore, His Holiness has decided to extend his stay in the United States until he recovers fully.” said the official announcement from the Tsurphu Labrang.

The letter also advised the public not to heed to the rumours circulating about His Holiness’s visit and be learnt that the Karmapa going through medical treatment in the US.

“Tsurphu Labrang has come to learn that there are various rumours circulating about the reasons for extension of His Holiness’ stay in the United States. These are false and should not be heeded. His Holiness is in the United States purely for medical reasons as outlined above.” added the letter.

The letter also added a note of profound gratitude to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his unwavering gratitude through the decades while at the same time it appreciated all the support extended from the Central Tibetan Administration towards his stay and activities in India. It also expressed the gratitude to the government of India for hosting the Tibetan refugees, especially His Holiness himself since the year 2000, as India has been his second home for the last 17 years.

The announcement also mentioned that His Holiness is looking forward to returning to India and resuming his religious activities.

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