Let Us Be Aware, Let Us Be Happy and Let Us Embrace Love

And after more than 50 years of conflict and human rights abuse, China is still oppressing and stripping the Tibetans of their land, their peace and their culture. More than a 1000 monks have immolated themselves in search of the attention and intervention from the international press.

As a Tibetan, if you fall in a Chinese hospital, you are neutered. If you have a picture of the Dalai Lama in your home, hanged from the thumbs for treason. Tibetan Monks, characters that are devoted to their faith and to the pursuit of peace and enlightenment, who by their religious beliefs can’t even harm a bug, are persecuted, imprisoned and their beautiful temples are destroyed.

But people are busy and distracted thinking about crazy psychopaths and irrelevant massacres in the course of history (yes, I said irrelevant, even if it burns, 180 only on what’s gone of this year, only in the United States. If someone makes me a head count from memory I’ll give you a prize… ) and ignore conflicts of this type where the ambition of mankind and the oppression by the political and economic classes are key players in the conflict.
But in the meantime, the “Best President of the world and of history” according to buzzfeed, gives false hope to the world with his impeccable ability for performance and fallacy.

And again, as I said before, this is not about us crying and trying to ignore the tragedies that happen out there in the world around us. If you don’t realize that if this is not talked about, it’s because they don’t want you to talk about it. If this is not corrected, it’s because they don’t want to correct it and that all of this “humanist” currents, and subjects in the media, politics, and in people’s minds recently, are nothing more than political agendas that seek to manipulate the opinion and brainwash world’s population on a culture of fear, division and hopelessness.

We live in a beautiful and wonderful world. We must not allow ourselves to be distracted from the fact that we are alive, and relatively free to choose our own path, our own ideology… Don’t ignore the tragedy, but transform it and turn it into teaching. We must not allow abuse, but we don’t have to stick our attention and our energy in distant eventualities to our reality. Let us be happy, let us be aware and as a wave in the water, responsibility, peace and love will extend to the horizon. Let us stop thinking about our personal and immediate satisfaction, and seek consistency. Let’s stop crying the reality of others and embrace our own. Stop dreaming of a better world… And start living in one.

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Armandito Lanz

A passionate contribution to Tibetan Journal

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