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I am not an Indian by citizen but I have a royal love for this country. I am a Tibetan by nationality but an Indian by locality. I have stepped upon this foreign land as an innocent child of about eight years old before a decade. Now, I have grown up to be an adult human who no longer feels this land as a foreign earth. And I also have a vision of a developed India. I wish to see a proud India along the other giants because I have a love for this great nation to a great extend. But I am badly disheartened when we are also slackened by the internal riots at this critical stage of progression. The barbaric attacks and bomb blasts in various parts of India like Mumbai is very disturbing! But, I am delighted to remind along this solidarity that the vision of a developed India is confirmed! India is not such a sleek nation that could be demolished by such an inane deed! I am highly accommodated to flush my ever wanting accusations to the terror generators in this country at this state. They are highly brainwashed and we need to confront this kind of inhuman acts. United we must be able to remain for everyone wishes to fall divided.

India was never a such country that could be alienated from this world. Indians are spread throughout the world and they play unalienable parts. There is no any sphere of the earth where Indians are unwanted! From the science and technological field to the literature to the sports and entertainment, Indians are included and their roles are upgrading. And I anticipate that a time would come where India shall be a super power! There are industrialist from India standing tall at the international platforms. There are artists from India getting honoured at the international nominations. Hence, India is not a petty colony!

But I have always occurred in me a sense upon why this country is lagging its development. I have noticed in my everyday lives among the Indians a shortage of people ready to shoulder public responsibilities. I mean there is very little sense of respecting and caring others. Though, what I have noticed may be wrong but I am writing this with a reason. I have to go to the roads everyday and I suffer a lot getting jammed in the traffics. With these years I have seen that there is no any problem with the shortage of the road construction but a problem with the way people utilize this facility. The everyday traffics are any upheavals with the shortage or poor constructions of the roads but due to improper behaviour of driving! I have always noticed a full rush in the eyes of the drivers of every cars and they condemn to allow any passers before them! Everyone moves in a mode of scrambling for something. They blow their horns in no sense. When each car and each bike move in their own way, an inaccessible traffic gets jammed and every curse themselves by wasting the time and energy in sorting out of the avoidable traffic.

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