Mamata Baneerji Drops Shah Rukh Khan In Her Old Santro Car

In a rare occurrence, Mamata Baneerji was caught on camera dropping the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in her old Hyundai Santro hatchback to the airport in Kolkata. Despite the stardom of the biggest superstar of the Bollywood, he had to ride on the back seat of the old Santro car with Mamata Didi yesterday.

Shah Rukh Khan is the brand ambassador of Bengal and owns the premier cricket club, the Kolkata Knight Riders, visited Kolkata to inaugurate the Kolkata International Film Festival. While the Chief Minister Mamata Baneerji, who shares a special bond with the Bollywood superstar hosted him, he was seen off to the airport in her old Santro car yesterday.

While Shah Rukh Khan is known for his extravagant life style, luxurious cars, he had to settle for a ride in the small car while in Kolkata with Mamata Didi yesterday. When the reports broke out, people started to react in the social media.

While someone questioned SRK when did he last travel in such a small car, others commended the duo’s gestures. Chief Minister Mamata while opened the doors of the car herself, SRK also touched the feet of the humble leader in a bid of farewell.

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