Man Finds Gold Worth $2 Million In Old Iraqi Tank

A retired army man found gold worth $2 million in a used Iraqi tank while restoring it. Nick Mead, owner of a company called Tanks-A-Lot that supplies tanks for movies got the surprise of his life when he found 5 gold bar weighing 5 kilograms each in the fuel tank of a used tanks that belonged to Iraq Army.

The origins of gold have not yet been confirmed but it appears that this gold was looted by the Iraqi army men during the invasion of Kuwait.

Iraqi soldiers looted a lot of gold during Kuwait invasion of August 1990. After the Gulf War ended, Iraq returned 3,216 gold bars back to Kuwait that was estimated to be worth 1.5 billion $.

Nick and his friend were filming the whole thing as they expected to find bombs and ammunitions inside the tanks. They filmed it so that it could be shown as a proof to the bomb disposal squad. However, they were left flabbergasted as they found gold bars instead of bombs and ammunitions.

Nick Mead is heavy vehicle collector and he supplies them to those who need it after restoring them mostly for movie making purposes. He also supplies these tanks to those who want to experience what it is like to drive a tank. He has 150 tanks so far. He purchased this particular used tank for $37,000 on eBay. It is modeled after the Russian T-54, which were sold in the nine year span from 1959-1968. The Chinese manufacturers produced and supplied many such tanks in during the gulf war.

Nick mead called the police and informed them about the unbelievable find. As per the last update the gold has not been returned to him but he was provided with a receipt of the gold bars.

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