Monk Proposes Self Immolation Over Politics in Tibetan Exile

A Tibetan refugee monk from South India has proposed of self immolation over the rising dirty politics in the Tibetan exile community according to a press briefing on Friday morning. The monk explained three factors relating to the Tibetan exile community that lead to his intention to self immolate for the greater cause of Tibetan struggle.

According to the press briefing called by the monk, Thupten Choephel at Hotel Tibet in Dharamshala, he proposed of three factors from Tibetan exile community that he sees propelling to commit self-immolation for the greater issue of Tibetan struggle. This clarification came in follow up to a social media update from him on February 9 this year, where he hinted at committing self-immolation over down graded political situation in the exile Tibetan community.

Monk Choephel explained that the three factors comprising of abusive use of political role at the apex of Central Tibetan Administration, not acknowledging the abusive exploitation of their roles and not resolving such existing exploitative practices by such individuals.

Thupten Choephel accused the Kashag of causing the stir among Tibetan exile through its decision to oust the former speaker Penpa Tsering from the post of North America Representative in November last year. He explained that the decision led to Tibetans indulging in groupings such as regionalism leading to the destruction of unity and thus affecting the Tibetan struggle.

The press briefing was aimed at urging the Tibetan parliamentarians to bring out a clear resolution to the issue during the upcoming parliament session in March, terming the parliament as the parental guardian of the Tibetan democracy and warned of undesirable consequences over their inability to resolve the case.

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One thought on “Monk Proposes Self Immolation Over Politics in Tibetan Exile

  • February 24, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Even if Tibetan parliament comes in favour of Kashag these people will not digest this either n will continue blame due to their ego.


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