Nepal Has Turned Into A Playground For Powers Hostile To India

According to a news article in Livemint, it is stated that the unending turmoil and sputtering democratic transition has made Nepal a playground for powers hostile to India. The report is authored by Brahma Chellaney in the opinions category.

Nepal has never been a problem to India in the entire history. The fact that India and Nepal sharing a very similar cultural identities and ethnic populations is well versed with the sort of borders they share. The borders shared by the two nations are evidently harmonious and people do not require any special documents of registrations to pass through them.

Hoever, since the violent annexation of Tibet by China in 1951, the peaceful buffer between the two asian giants, India and China was eliminated and Nepal became the most significant buffer between the two.

However, since the 1990s, Nepali political situations has been extremely unstable. The latest political and constitutional crisis of the small country that has rendered the entire population of Nepal with a severe shortage of fuel and essential goods are nothing other than another instance of the long struggle for democracy. These sorts of political system saw a long haul of Maoist insurgencies that overthrew the monarchy. As a result, it is stated that the communism has got empowered in the country.

The current crisis going on in Nepal is linked to the new constitution that has made controversial provisions making the Terai people politically extremely vulnerable. The Nepali Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli has blamed India for cutting the supply to Nepal that has rendered the crisis situation in Nepal. However, the article states that along the Birgunj-Raxual border, where much of the trade flows, it is seen that the crisis is linked to the blockade caused by ethnic Madhesi protest groups. The Madhesi groups are protesting against Oli’s offer to make the amendments in the constitution to accommodate the crisis of Terai people. However the Madhesi group are protesting against the majorly communist government citing the amendments inadequate.

Thus, this problem is not anywhere near to close in Nepal and India is not in any position to deal with the country, given the communist leaders that are against Indian indulgence. The rise of communism in Nepal has opened a gateway for Pakistan and China to undermine Indian security. Nepal has also become a medium for the flow of illicit arms, narcotics and counterfeit currency to India. When in the most serious situations, if India had to turn to China for the Nepal problems, how worst can it get?

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