Nepal Gives Written Letter To Provide Tibetans Vital Certificates

Nepal government has issued a written commitment to facilitate providing vital registration certificates to Tibetan refugees in the country. Nepal’s written letter comes in response to the complaint lodged to the government through National Human Rights Commission.

INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (INHURED), International is a registered Human Rights group with Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations in Nepal. INHURED informed that they received large number of complaints about administrative hurdles faced by Tibetans in Nepal to obtain registration certificates.

“During our outreach and legal aid program, INHURED received overwhelming complains about administrative hurdles faced by Tibetan Refugees in obtaining the certificates. After receiving numerous cases, we lodged complaint at National Human Rights Commission.With the assistance from the commission, we have been able to receive a written letter from the Government reiterating rights of Tibetan refugees to obtain vital registration certificates. This will be applicable to all Tibetan refugees residing in Nepal.”

The press release of INHURED with the copy of the Government letter
The press release of INHURED with the copy of the Government letter

The press release made by INHURED says that this commitment from the Nepali government is applicable to all Tibetans living in the country.

The Organisation shared a copy of the written letter from the government of Nepal promising to protect the rights of Tibetan refugees in the country to obtain vital certificates.

Tibetan refugees in Nepal has been subjected to difficult livelihood status in the country with ever growing Chinese influence there. Tibetans have been targeted and subjected to restriction. They also stopped issuing a Registration Certificate (RC), which was to the Tibetan refugees which they initially provided.

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