Shilpa Shetty Shares Recipe of Tibetan Dish Thukpa

The Bollywood actor and fitness guru Shilpa Shetty has shared the recipe for popular Tibetan dish, Thukpa in a video circulated in the social media. While recipe slightly differs from the original Tibetan recipe, the actor has also shared about the goodness of the dish with special benefit on immune system.

The actor has called the dish as ‘Thukpa Soup’, writes that the dish is a all in one pot with the special Tibetan recipe besides being delicious is also very health as it strengthens the immune system. The actor shared the recipe as a part of the show called ‘The Art of Loving Food’ on social media as attached in the post.

“A hot Thukpa Soup in this rain,” Shilpa Shetty wrote on her Facebook page which shared the video of the cooking tutorial. “This is an all in one pot, Tibetan recipe, which is both delicious as well as extremely healthy. It has the right amount of proteins and carbs to satiate your hunger. This is a comfort food for me and a perfect solution for cold because this broth strengthens the immune system.” she added in the post.

While the recipe has been well accepted by most of the viewers including the Tibetan netizens, some of the Tibetans have also commented that the recipe does not represent original Tibetan version as it much simpler than the one taught here. Some commenters have also suggested to title it as ‘Desi Thukpa Recipe’.

“Much appreciated for showcasing our Tibetan thukpa… but the one you have shown is not the original version… we don’t put green chillies, tomato ketchup and lemon juice in thukpa. Thukpa is usually a very simple dish with less ingredients.” wrote a Tibetan named Tashi Lhamo in comment.

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