Speaker Penpa Tsering Announced For 2016 Sikyong Candidate By Majority

Dharamshala: Central Ngari Chitun Association based in Dharamshala announced today that the whole family of the association by majority nominate and support the current speaker Mr. Penpa Tsering for the 2016 Sikyong.

This morning around 10:30 am, the Central Ngari Chithun Association announced at a press conference that with the majority approval of all its regional chapters, it is supporting Mr. Penpa Tsering for the 2016 Sikyong. The former President of the association Dr. Thokmey and the running president Mr. Chime Youngdung were present at the press conference along with around 30 people.

They have announced their support for the candidate base on three of the following reasons:

  1. Among all the contesting candidates, they have told that Mr. Tsering is in the only person and in the right position to understand the sentiments of His Holiness and the fragility of Tibetan cause owing the His Holiness’s age.
  2. Mr. Speaker is the undisputed champion among all the candidates to promote and implement the Middle Way Approach to solve the Tibetan cause.
  3. They believe that Mr. Penpa Tsering is the candidate with best knowledge of the current world politics, China’s Tibet policies and the structure and functioning of the Central Tibetan Administration. He is the candidate who can serve Tibetans without any discrimination.

Note: This report is adapted from the Tibetan report present in TibetTimes.

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